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HOME is where the HEARTh is: Introducing Saltbush Cottage...

Having spent many jarfull moments in this cosy cottage by the beach located in South Walyalup (Fremantle), I'm excited to announce that Saltbush Cottage is now available for short stays as your “home away from home” when visiting Boorloo (Perth) or for a local staycation on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja.

The kitchen hearth is the heart of Saltbush Cottage and the tiles in the original fireplace above the stovetop having been designed to emulate the curves of the old man saltbush outside.

Saltbush Cottage is easily recognisable for its white picket fence and surrounding edible foliage – including the dominating lillypilly hedge, ruby saltbush shrub, native thyme, sea purslane, old man saltbush and very happy passionfruit vine. You can feel free to forage and savour the fruits and berries when in-season. Experiment and taste the different types of saltbush, which just love the local sandy soil.

I would love to continue sharing cooking ideas sourced from the edible garden or local bulk foods store, so will happily provide plant-based recipes, conduct a private cooking workshop or even prepare a weekend breakfast, wine and cheese platter for the verandah, or beach picnic feast for you upon special request in advance. Why not learn how to make your very own saltbush furikake straight off the shrub!

In keeping with a desire to promote a way of living that is sustainable for the planet and all of its inhabitants, the cottage provides oat milk in the fridge and seeks to source and re-stock the essential toiletries and kitchen products for your stay with minimal footprint and purchasing in bulk.

More information about Saltbush Cottage Shortstays and Cooking Workshops can be found under the “Saltbush Cottage” section of

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