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Jarfull Moments by MazzMade

A collection of food pics, recipes and random ramblings on food...

Food invites gathering and connection - through the collective processes of planting, growing, foraging, cooking and eating, and resultant sharing of stories, experiences and culture.  

Jarfull Moments is a vessel to gather and share my plant-based food adventures and recipes with you - as I strive to create food that is good, clean, fair and sustainable (for our planet and all of its inhabitants) and also delicious and fun!!  I hope my blog and recipes can inspire your tastebuds and bring moments of joy.  May your jar always remain full!

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Fancy & Trouble...

Meet my plant-based dining pal and chief taste-tester, Truffle. She's my adorable free ranging lop-earred bunny rabbit, who's a little...

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Walyalup/Fremantle, Western Australia

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