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Fancy & Trouble...

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Meet my plant-based dining pal and chief taste-tester, Truffle. She's my adorable free ranging lop-earred bunny rabbit, who's a little bit Fancy and can get into Trouble, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Despite a herbivorous diet of leaves and roots, Truffle's diet is far from boring and she is a fancy eater and gourmet pet, with highly refined tastebuds and a discernable dining personality. Truffle was once part of a duo (#truffleandfanta), but her older brother sadly passed on in early 2021.

When dining together, both bunnies inclined towards a healthy Asian palette, enjoying their daily feed of bok choy and occasional feast of raw san choi bao or veggie bento box ;) (in addition to chewing on off-limits skirting boards and electrical cables from time to time!).

Truffle's style remains that of a fine diner, carefully persuing what is on offer before committing to her seat at the dining table or getting too full on carelessly thrown vegetable peelings or stems of lesser status. If the initial food offerings are not to her liking, she is likely to hold back and wait for the more refined leafy greens or coveted carrot tops to appear. That said, once it is clear that there is something to her liking, she will not hold back in jostling to claim her fair share of the spread. As a dining companion, Truffle is also quite talented as an assistant sommelier for choosing wine to go with dinner!

Fanta was more of an all-you-can-eat buffet and fizzy soda kind of diner, getting in first with whatever was on offer. It was always amusing to compare the dining tactics and jostling of each rabbit at meal times, but they were also closely bonded and affectionate companions to each other. Sadly, Fanta passed in early 2021 from an invasive recurring abcess, but retained a healthy appetite until the end, and (I am hopeful) lived a full and happy life, despite the short timespan.

Fanta was an affectionate, fun-loving, feisty fella (with highly honed skills in kung-fu) and is dearly missed.

Whilst Fanta is no longer around to share a bento box, Truffle continues to dine in style and also enjoys the occassional garden forage.

More of Truffle and Fanta's trouble-making antics and fancy foodie adventures can be seen by following the Instagram hashtags: #truffleandfanta #gourmetpets #littlemisstruffle and #truffleufagus.

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